Pride of Rugby 2016

Wow, what an amazing surprise to learn that I have been nominated in the Rugby FM Pride of Rugby Awards and not only that, I'm a finalist in the Educator of the year Category. I strive to give people what they need and thrive on the positivity that buzzes throughout the club. To receive this nomination amongst all the other worthy contenders makes me feel very flattered. #prideofrugby

Rear Mugging Escape

The rear Mugging escape is practiced standing, seated and kneeling. The techniques is very similar in each position, however, when kneeling it's harder to gain leverage to throw so more emphasis is given to the arm around the throat and an improvised wrist lock is applied in the process.    

Wrist Lock From a Grab

It's often difficult to chase a lose hand in order to perform a wrist lock, however, when your assailants hands are given to you in the form of a grab, whether it be to your clothing, wrists, throat etc, a wrist lock from a grab is much more practical.   

Hold Escapes

As we are a Self Defence style of Ju Jitsu, much of the emphasis is directed towards hold escapes. The techniques we teach are simple and very effective. The Movements are all gross motor skills virtually everyone can do. This is an important factor in Self Defence as most people are simply incapable of performing fine motor skills in a high stress situation.

Ju Jitsu Hold Downs

There are a variety of Ju Jitsu Hold Downs we commonly use. They vary depending on the Take Down or throw used and the response given by the attacker. Different opportunities arise in different positions, your competency allows you to go with the flow and see or feel the windows of opportunity as they open.

The Outer Reap Throw

The Outer Reap Throw is another quick and effective Take Down, when the Tear Down isn't quite enough, this provides the necessary extra required for full effect.

The Tear Down

The Tear Down or Walk-Through as we commonly refer to it, is a simple form of Tactical Jaw Control. It is one of the quickest, simplest and most effective Take Downs to perform. Control the head and you control the body.

The Leg Lock

The Leg Lock is a technique we practice and although very simple, not as practical as most other techniques throughout the Tadashii Do Ju Jutsu System. The main reason I say that is because of the situation you are now in, if there were multiple attackers or the ground was covered in debris, this would not be a first option.

Blocking a Hook Punch

This is a very simple method of Blockng a Hook Punch, using a natural flinching movement we do quite instinctively. The flinch can be done with one or both arms and puts you in a position form which you have some good options for a counter attack.

Two Knee Take-Down

This is a Two Knee Take-Down from the front. It's similar to a Rugby tackle but done from a close-up position. Your shoulder drives forward  into the stomach area of your Assailant, whilst your arms are wrapped around their knees, pulling towards you. This technique is most commonly used as part of our Escape from a front headlock.