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Martial Arts For Children

Friday, October 26th, 2012

It’s unfortunate that parents have such a misconception when it comes to Martial Arts for Children. The general idea is that we teach children how to fight, however, it is not a part of the program and a very poor description. We do not teach children how to fight at all but they certainly do discover some effective Self Defence Techniques which could be called upon if ever required to defend themselves.

Programs allow children to progress through many skill levels which in itself help them to experience a sense of achievement. This is beneficial for anyone, young or old.

Martial Arts for children incorporates fun exercises and games, encouraging children to attend week after week – increasing general fitness. Young children need to be encouraged to gain an understanding in personal values such as discipline, self discipline, respect, focus, excellence and integrity. The only way children can really understand such values is to make the words relative to familiar situations, giving specific examples as to where they could demonstrate good use of such values.

Martial Arts For Children should also encourage safety awareness. One of our biggest fears is our children being approached by adult predators. Having some knowledge of strangers and a good course of action to take if approached is information all children should be armed with. This type of information can be relayed to our children in ways not to scare off everyone involved but just increase a general awareness.

An activity like Martial Arts for children is going to increase our children’s athletic ability, helping to improve in sports generally. Sports are great for kids and in today’s world of computers we really need to encourage our children to get up and moving as there is such a tendency for them to be sat in front of TV’s and computers for hours on end, day-in, day-out. This in itself is having an adverse effect on our population.

The benefits of Martial Arts for Children are quite extraordinary from increasing confidence, self-esteem, energy levels, strength, fitness, flexibility, anger management and even stress relief. It’s an opportunity to be involved in a fun activity, learn some great skills and make new like minded friends in the process.

So, you may start to see even from this little article that there is much more to Martial Arts for Children than just teaching them how to fight.

To find out more visit our website or contact a club near you.

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Sensei Malcolm Bale – Ju Jitsu in Rugby Wark’s

Junior Ju Jitsu Class

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Here’s one of our young Students demonstrating techniques to the Junior Ju Jitsu Class

Junior Ju Jitsu Classes


It is important for the Junior Leaders to take an active part in helping in class by demonstrating techniques and building on their own confidence.

Repetition of simple techniques and the repetition of demonstrating them really help to instill confidence.

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Sensei Malcolm Bale – Ju Jitsu Rugby

The Benefits of Martial Arts – Part 5

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Martial arts importance has not yet faded. Even after a long time, martial arts have thrived and become even more practiced all around the world. Contrary to what others believe, they can be practiced even by young ones and not by adults alone. Karate, especially has become a favorite by people of all ages.

Nowadays, it is becoming more popular among kids. This is because they are so many benefits of it for kids. Here are the primary ones which are being observed especially by parents who have children who are into it.

Self-defence – most of the time, parents enroll their kids in martial arts schools and academies for this reason. The rising rate of crimes that involve children have alarmed parents too much that they believe that enrolling their children in these schools will increase the possibility of preventing such circumstances. This is actually true. Of course you cannot expect children aged five to ten doing complicated moves. The point is at least they can learn basic yet effective ways to escape dangerous situations. Simple self-defense moves are enough to give parents a peace of mind.

Self-confidence – why is this important in every child? Whenever they will go, kids need to be confident with themselves. At school, they need this to answer the questions properly and perform activities. Don’t you know that most of those kids who do not have self-confidence, no matter how intelligent they are doomed to be low performers? They can also be prone to bullying and ridicule. When they know martial arts, at least they can be confident with themselves.

Self-discipline- one of the basic values that martial arts teach children is self-discipline. One cannot actually pass these courses if they do not master this value. As a parent, one of the hardest tasks is getting their attention. This is actually one of the primary lessons that they will be learning in karate lessons. Believe it or not, you can get positive changes in their behavior once they attended martial arts curriculum.

Keeping them fit-of course, who cannot be physically fit in doing these courses? With all the moves and tactics to learn, how can the body store too much fat? As young as they are they will learn how to value their body. No need to instruct them to eat this and that for they will willfully eat healthy foods and do their own exercises.

As mentioned, there are many benefits of martial arts training for kids. However, for these positive things to be enjoyed fully, you must choose the right center or school. To have a fresh start, you can always browse the internet for some helpful websites. You can also ask other parents for this matter or the school where your children are. Shopping as early as now will help you make up your mind. Things like quality teachers and complete facilities are common criteria to look after in choosing martial arts schools for your kids.

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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids – Part 4

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

In this “day and age”, like the elders would say, the time of PlayStation 3, Xbox, fast food, computers and social networks and the like, we often read articles about our kids and the effect the world has on them.

These articles range from obesity due to lack of exercise, ill-mannered teens that are just out of control, children still wetting beds after age 7, the list goes on…. One of the issues that should be on the radar of your Karate Class or Dojo is the issue of child neglect by parents. This neglect does not refer to physical neglect such as food, clothing and shelter, but rather, emotional neglect.

Emotional neglect can have many roots, but can lead to various symptoms later such as lack of cognitive ability, lack of social behaviour skills, lack of confidence etc. These symptoms can manifest separately, or one can cause the other and have a snowball effect.

One of the key enablers of growing a successful student, is identifying these symptoms and addressing some of these roots. A point should be made at every Instructor’s meeting, to discuss the behaviour, interaction and conduct of certain students within the class. You need to look at those that need to be lifted up, but also at those who need to get down to earth. Your training methods should be structured to address both scenarios with a tweak here and there as necessary to tip the scales. This mental reprogramming of a child takes quite a while, depending on the damage caused by a person, event, or a combination of the two.

I have personally identified a trend in children that are dropped-off and collected after class vs. children that are brought to class with the parent/s or guardians sitting in on the class. In most cases, the children who are dropped-off, are those children that need boosting vs. those whose parents / guardians are part of the training experience, even by just being there. You do get those parents that are present at the class, but they are disconnected from what their child is doing, how he is performing because they are reading a magazine or something to pass the time. These are the boundary line children and you should consider “working the audience” when identifying that this is happening to a child. Engage with audience by saying, Hey parents, did you see that great stance” or “Hey Daniel’s dad, did you teach him this or is he just that good!!”

The mission of your class or dojo needs to focused on building people by what you do and how you do it. Character, sincerity, effort, etiquette, self-control and respect must be the foundation of learning at your dojo and be in the hearts and minds of your students.

Teaching children martial arts is like nurturing a Bonsai tree (not to steal the fame from Mr Miagi), You cannot let it grow for 10 years and then try and shape it, it requires constant attention to detail, sometimes, detail you never knew was there.

We build confidence in our children by regular, controlled kumite and karate training camps (Gashuku), Our tournaments are focused on controlled, professional development of people with a well formed rewards and recognition system. We teach our children how to manage and deal with emotions of success and defeat in order to maintain a delicate balance.

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The Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids – Part 3

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

As any martial artist will tell you, there are multiple Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids. Of course, the most obvious benefit is a knowledge of self defence which is one of the major reasons why systems were developed in the first place. Knowing how to defend oneself and loved ones in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in today’s world just as it was hundreds of years ago. Unlike often portrayed in the movies, training is not just about fighting. Many people take up martial arts for the fitness benefits as well. Training in karate, tae kwon do, kung fu and other styles will improve one’s cardiovascular fitness as well as tone the muscular system. Strength will increase from the calisthenics usually employed within training but perhaps not to the same extent as working out with weights. But overall power of one’s body will definitely increase since the techniques teach how to use strength effectively.

Most people will also improve their flexibility significantly while training since entire ranges of motion from the body are exercised. This is especially true with styles such as tae kwon do, Thai kickboxing as well as some schools of karate and kung fu where high kicks are used. All martial art styles will result in an improvement of one’s coordination as well.

Unlike many other forms of physical activity, martial arts also have a mental and sometimes spiritual element, which not only improves the mind’s focus but also helps in self control. Emotions such as anger and fear are better controlled through training. Many martial artists can find an inner peace through their training. In today’s hectic world, these particular benefits translate into one of the most effective stress management tools available. When training in a session or in a group class, all the day to day troubles of the world seem to be forgotten. People come out refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the big world out there.

Training in martial arts usually involves many little steps and progressions. As one advances, the feeling of accomplishment comes with added confidence. This is especially beneficial for children who were not very confident in the first place. An increase in self confidence for kids (as well as adults) will have a cross over effect in other areas of life such as in other sports and general self esteem. Other challenges in life, both physical and mental, will be met with much less fear.

An important benefit of martial arts training for parents to note is that children will generally become more disciplined from the unique formalities of martial arts classes. This is one benefit that is often lacking in other sports. Former ‘problem’ kids with bad attitudes could become well behaved and respectful as a result of taking classes a few times per week. Respect is something that all instructors place great importance in during their classes. Martial arts kids are often very well behaved children no matter what social economic backgrounds they come from.

Martial arts training has so many great benefits covering physical, mental and emotional aspects that it’s no wonder why it has become one of the most popular activities for both adults and children. However, it is important to point out that not all programs will produce the range of benefits discussed. Programs that teach just combat fighting techniques may not result in the desired mental and spiritual benefits so it is important to search around for the right school that will offer the benefits one wishes to achieve.

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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids – Part 2

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Martial arts are still considered a rather controversial subject, and the unfortunate misconception that they can promote violence is still present. However, just a little research will show any parent that martial arts promote the exact opposite of violence: they teach self control, balance and a healthy physical and mental state.— When you enroll your kid in a martial arts class you have to consider his or her options as well. If having the child learn martial arts is only your goal, and your kid does not share it; there is a high probability that he or she will soon become bored with the sport and quit. In order to get the most out of a martial arts class, you have to make sure the kid enjoys being there and that the environment is suitable.—

The reasons for learning martial arts are numerous. Many parents want to give their children a boost of confidence and improve their self-defense. Although at this early stage, the physical defence as the only noticeable element, succeeding with martial arts classes will have a series of positive psychological effects on your kid as he or she grows up. However, self-defense focuses on solving conflicts peacefully in an initial stage, and using physical action only when needed. Both the bully and the bullied can benefit from martial arts classes. While the bully will learn that the only way to have power is by respecting the others, the bullied will know how to develop defense skills and how to end a potential conflict.—

Just like most sports, Martial Arts will help your child develop a strong and healthy body. Sedentary children are numerous, with countless hours spent in front of their favourite computer game. The “once in a while” basketball game is not enough to keep your child active and fit. Martial arts however may become a life style rather than a sport. This means that its affect will go beyond the classes and far outside the gym. Several physical traits can be improved th?? w?? including muscle strength, resistance to fatigue, increased flexibility, and better blood flow.—

As mentioned before, there are more than physical skills to be learned in a martial arts class. Your child will get more self-confidence and self esteem. Although martial arts are not a team sport, they can teach important skills in this area. Your child will also develop skills such as patience and discipline, which can be easily translated in his or her school performance as well. Martial arts will teach children the notion of respect – and you will notice that ???????ll? with over active children. It is important that the instructor does not focus only in developing the physical side of martial arts in kids; he must also teach good demeanor and respect.—

Even though martial arts also imply physical contact, which can lead to injuries, most classes have a very strict policy as for all that are concerned. The truth is a reduced chance of your child becoming injured during a martial arts class compared to a soccer, basketball, or baseball field. Strict instructor supervision ensures that your kid stays safe and has optimal conditions to improve all of the above-mentioned skills.

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Sensei Malcolm Bale

Parents Would Do a Better Job

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Do you think parents would do a better job of teaching Basic Martial Arts Program to their own kids?

I personally think that most good parents would do a far better job than most Instructors these days for many reasons. Firstly in this information age all the information you need to find is readily available and easy to find. A Kids Martial Arts Program should include several areas such as Safety Awareness, Personal Values and Fun Fitness and the Martial Arts Techniques themselves should be very simple. Information required by young children is a little different to the information required by older children and certainly to information taught in adult Martial Art classes. The trouble is most programs  do not include these elements and for most families they are the most important areas they were looking for in the first place.

Not everyone wants to join a Kids Martial Arts Program for a Competitive Sport but to find a great activity where they can learn some essential skills. A kids program has to be loaded with fun, it’s how they best learn. Many kids join a program and end up leaving shortly afterwards. The other problem is the sessions can be too long or too frequent, it becomes a chore for all involved and both the parent and child’s enthusiasm soon fizzle out. Kids really need a short blast of real fun and excitement to ensure they want to return for more fun the following session. Not only does that make a good learning atmosphere but it creates a great connection to an activity which could last a lifetime.

When it comes to Safety Awareness no one cares more than the parents themselves and nobody knows their kids better than the parents.

You as Parents can ensure you get all the right information and also ensure your child gets all the attention they need.

Go and watch a few Kids Martial Arts Classes and see what you think for yourself , you’ll find my points very interesting. If you are really fortunate, you’ll stumble across a fantastic Club with a great program and it’s problem solved. If you are struggling to find a good club or some useful information you can pass on to your children, feel free to contact me directly.

All The Very Best

Sensei Malcolm Bale

Anger Management for Children

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Here’s another Testimonial. It demonstrates how Martial Arts helps with Anger Management at all levels. That’s not only controlling the anger of others but controlling your own anger.

On a personal note, I wanted to let you know that before Aidan began your classes, he was showing a lot of anger, depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. After a few months of your Ju-Jitsu classes, Aidan is happpier, his anger has decreased, he doesn’t worry about things as much and he’s very confident. He protected himself in school from a bully and now the bully is his friend.

We are very impressed with your teaching of the art, the respect for others, and showing the children how to have fun.

Thank you Malcolm

We receive Testimonials from parents and students on an ongoing basis. It’s great to know we can have such a positive impact in the lives of so many people. Most people do not realise Martial Arts goes so far beyond Punching and Kicking and holds a multitude of benefits for all involved.

Sensei Malcolm Bale – Ju Jitsu Rugby

A Parent’s Words – Kids Martial Arts Programs in Rugby

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

It’s great to receive Testimonials from Parents who bring their children to class, here’s the most recent one. It’s what really makes all of our efforts worthwhile. It also reinforces the fact that we have 2 major tasks. Firstly to provide enough fun for kids to want to come back next week and also to provide enough value for parents to want to bring them back:

“Dear Malcolm,

A quick line to thank you very much for yesterday’s class with Alex – I
could see he thoroughly enjoyed himself and I’ve seldom seen him as
concentrated on an activity as I did yesterday with you and your girls.
At home, he hasn’t stopped talking about all he learned with you and
very much looks forward to his next lesson.

I found both your approach and the structure and content of the class to
be excellent – I am very pleased to have found in you the right
instructor for our little man.

We both look forward to seeing you all next week – again, thank you very
much for yesterday!

Kind regards,

Neus, Rugby Wark’s

Grab The Attention of Your Youngest Students

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

In a Kids Martial Arts Program it is so important to Grab the Attention of Your Youngest Students. So how do you keep them focused, even the kids with focus issues such as ADHD.

The main reason we keep the kids classes apart from the adults is the different way you have to approach training. It can be harder to teach kids as you must keep their minds constantly stimulated to prevent boredom from setting in as the boredom spreads like a virus throughout the class.

Finding the right balance can be difficult and you are not only keeping the kids happy and focused be giving parents plenty of value by teaching valuable skills going far beyond punching and kicking.

It is really important to add great Martial Arts Games for kids which really grab the attention of even your youngest students. There are some excellent programs available if you know where to look, see the following program for a great example.

…or even come along to our classes and experience them for yourself :o)

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Sensei Malcolm Bale

Chief Instructor – Ju Jitsu Rugby