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Jon Jones

Monday, April 15th, 2013


Jon Jones otherwise known as Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is a phenomenal competitor in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The American Mixed Martial Artist pound for pound is certainly on a par with the best –  Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre. He is due to fight Chael Sonnen in a couple of weeks and although it’s hard to see anyone beating him at the moment, Chael has proved he can compete with the best.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see for yourself, he’s an awesome fighter. He has that something different, stand out from the crowd style. A fantastic unorthodox Striker with excellent wrestling skills.

Jon Jones is the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion (205 pound limit) and looks like he may stick around for a while.

UFC 159 is on April 27th – Look out for it.

Interested in the UFC? – There are some great DVD’s available – Here’s the best of UFC in 2012

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The Way of The Fight

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre – The Way of the Fight

If you have watched any Mixed Martial Arts – UFC in particular you would no doubt have heard of George St. Pierre – Arguably The Best Pound for Pound Fighter in the UFC.

He has fantastic Stand-Up skills, he’s very skill-ful on the ground and at 170 pounds is very strong, too strong for most opponents in his category. On top of being the best, he is so very humble, a complete gentleman, it’s refreshing to see this in a person who is at the very top of their sport, especially in the fight game.

Recently, Georges St. Pierre otherwise known as GSP has released a Book – “The Way of The Fight”. This is an absolute must for any Martial Arts Enthusiast. There is something to learn for everyone here.

Grab a Copy For Yourself Here:

The reigning welterweight champion and the world’s most popular UFC fighter, Georges Rush St. Pierre seemed untouchable, until injury derailed him and jeopardized his title and his career. Determined to make his comeback, he embarked on a careful regimen of physical therapy. He also used this healing period to assess his life, where he’s been, what he’s achieved, where he wants to go, and lessons that helped shape who he is. In GSP, the championship fighter invites fans into the circle of his life, sharing his most closely guarded memories.

He talks about his childhood and the torture he endured at the hands of older schoolmates, abuse that led him to martial arts and a black belt at age 12.

He introduces us to a young GSP hauling garbage as he trained to become a fighter, doggedly suffering through loss until he tasted victory. St. Pierre reflects success, how he stays grounded and composed, and on failure, how he learned humility and ltenacity. He shares his thirst for knowledge and teaching others, and speaks out passionately for bullied youths.

Throughout, he makes clear the one simple truth has always guided him: never stop reaching for your goals. An intimate, gritty look at a fighter’s journey, told through inspiring biographical vignettes, GSP is a moving account of commitment and power, achievement and pain, dedication and conviction fomr one of the world’s greatest champions.

Click on the link above and grab a copy for yourself

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Martial Arts in Rugby Warks

Friday, March 18th, 2011

There are several options for different Martial Arts in Rugby Warks:

One Martial Art cannot be all things to all people, each one has a slightly different objective and the Syllabus is very different for each. Rugby is relatively small so it’s actually worth while taking a visit to each of the classes and seeing for yourself, this way you can see if the art is what you are looking for and to check out the Instructor to see if their teaching methods and personality are a good match for you.

Some Arts concentrate on Competition, some on Self Defence and others on Traditional Arts, decide what it is you are looking for and I definitely encourage you to go and check it out for yourself and even ask if you can try out a couple of sessions before you commit yourself. This is even more important when we are talking about kids classes as you really want to give them the best start possible and the initial experience could decide whether this is a long term interest or a flash in the pan.

Upon doing some research foe myself, these are the basic options available:

MMA in Rugby Warks

Ju Jitsu in Rugby Warks

Boxing in Rugby Warks

Karate in Rugby Warks

Kick Boxing

Tang soo do

All the best in your search for the best Martial Arts in Rugby, Warks for you. What may be best for someone else is not necessarily the best for you so go check it out for yourself.


Sensei Malcolm

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MMA in Rugby Wark’s

Friday, March 18th, 2011

MMA in Rugby Wark’s with Ju Jitsu. Our Art forms the basis of Karate, Judo and Aikido so consists of a range of striking techniques (punching and Kicking), an array of throws and take-downs, then a complete arsenal of Joint Manipulations – Chokes and hold-downs. I think it is fair to say that Ju Jitsu is the original mixed Martial Art. In fact it would be better described as the Mother of Martial Arts as so many other Arts were developed from it.

Come and take a look at what we have to offer in our sessions, try out a couple of lessons and see what you think for yourself before you even commit to joining us. There are no contracts, just one small monthly fee which you can stop at any time.

I’m excited to introduce MMA in Rugby Wark’s, programs are available for Adults and Children. Regular sessions are provided for those who want to learn Ju Jitsu techniques, work on improving themselves, their general health and fitness and then we have additional sessions for those who want to go the extra mile 😮 Private sessions are also available.

Visit our Site and give us a call or drop us a line.

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