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10 Golden Rules of Safety for Children

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

The Martial Arts Program for Children we teach at Ju Jitsu Rugby goes well beyond teaching just Techniques, we have incorporated Safety, Personal Values and Fun Fitness right into the Syllabus. We are sure to add enough fun into the classes to ensure the kids want to come back and we always provide enough value to the parents to want to bring them back.  The concerns parents have, especially for younger children is Safety and to ensure they are learning some valuable safety rules.

We need to help children discover these rules without being intimidating and to reach them in a way they will remember

In the 10 Golden Rules of Safety for Children, these are some of the Questions we answer.

  • What Exactly is a Stranger?
  • What Does a Stranger Look Like?
  • Who Should Adults Ask For Help?
  • What is a Safe Distance to Keep From a Stranger?
  • What Would You Do if You Lost Your Parents When Out Shopping?
  • What Does it Mean to “Trust Your Instincts”?
  • What Should You Do if a Stranger Tries to Grab You?
  • Do You Have a Secret Password, only You, Your Parents and Trusted Close Family or Friends Know?
  • What Would You Do if someone asked you to keep a Special Secret?
  • Do You Know Your Home Address and Phone Number?

All of these questions are answered in detail with examples and sometimes stories to make the points more memorable. There are so many Safety Rules we can potentially cover but so not to overload with too much information or cause confusion these topics are covered, usually one new topic each week over a 1o week period. The question is raised and explained and then the kids are prompted for their input on the topic.

If you do have any questions regarding the 10 Golden Rules of Safety for Children or questions regarding our Martial Arts Program then be sure to contact us through our Club Website –

All The Best

Sensei Malcolm – Instructor – Ju Jitsu Rugby

Free Abduction Prevention Classes For Kids

Friday, June 10th, 2011

It is so disturbing when we hear news of attempted abductions anywhere in the world but even more so when it is close to home, the more we can educate ourselves as parents and pass good information on to our children, the better. Prevention is always better than cure. The recent news of the attempted abduction in Rugby, even if inflated by rumours, do hit home the potential danger.

Safety Awareness Classes for Kids

We teach a system of Self Defence and Safety Awareness to children. There are some Golden Rules of Safety we recommend to teach your kids. Very often it is better for such safety tips to come from a third party and be reinforced by you as parents.

Our Safety Awareness class will teach some simple actions to take if approached by a stranger, grabbed or picked up. We combine this with information to answer many questions including – What is a Stranger? What does a Stranger look like? What can you do if approached by a stranger? What can you do if you are grabbed? What do you do if you get lost? Who can you approach for help?

We have been teaching this system which was developed by RCMP officers in Canada to our kids classes in Calgary for the last 10 years. Bringing this system back to the UK and teaching it in my home town of Rugby is very important and rewarding for me.

Anyone interested in bringing their children along to a Free Safety Awareness class, please give me a call on 07954 718823 or visit our website and use the contact us form

There is so much more to Martial Arts than just kicking and punching. In weekly classes we teach a system of Martial Arts dedicated to Self Defence and Safety Awareness. Very simple and very effective skills anyone can learn regardless of age, size or gender. These skills are combined with Safety Awareness, Personal Values and Fun Fitness.

Our Program incorporates personal values. Now how many kids and parents could benefit from children learning the true meaning and value of Discipline, Self Discipline, Respect, Focus, Integrity and Excellence? These values are the very core of our system and considered as important as anything else we teach.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please call Malcolm on 07954 728823 or email