Parents Would Do a Better Job

Do you think parents would do a better job of teaching Basic Martial Arts Program to their own kids?

I personally think that most good parents would do a far better job than most Instructors these days for many reasons. Firstly in this information age all the information you need to find is readily available and easy to find. A Kids Martial Arts Program should include several areas such as Safety Awareness, Personal Values and Fun Fitness and the Martial Arts Techniques themselves should be very simple. Information required by young children is a little different to the information required by older children and certainly to information taught in adult Martial Art classes. The trouble is most programs  do not include these elements and for most families they are the most important areas they were looking for in the first place.

Not everyone wants to join a Kids Martial Arts Program for a Competitive Sport but to find a great activity where they can learn some essential skills. A kids program has to be loaded with fun, it’s how they best learn. Many kids join a program and end up leaving shortly afterwards. The other problem is the sessions can be too long or too frequent, it becomes a chore for all involved and both the parent and child’s enthusiasm soon fizzle out. Kids really need a short blast of real fun and excitement to ensure they want to return for more fun the following session. Not only does that make a good learning atmosphere but it creates a great connection to an activity which could last a lifetime.

When it comes to Safety Awareness no one cares more than the parents themselves and nobody knows their kids better than the parents.

You as Parents can ensure you get all the right information and also ensure your child gets all the attention they need.

Go and watch a few Kids Martial Arts Classes and see what you think for yourself , you’ll find my points very interesting. If you are really fortunate, you’ll stumble across a fantastic Club with a great program and it’s problem solved. If you are struggling to find a good club or some useful information you can pass on to your children, feel free to contact me directly.

All The Very Best

Sensei Malcolm Bale

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